“Killing Kim”- a family’s journey through tragic loss and ‘justice’


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Bob and June Meredith, the parents of a young woman who was almost decapitated by a knife wielding killer on an Albury street in March 1996 have launched a new non-fiction work titled ‘Killing Kim’.

The narrative tracks the family’s harrowing journey – attempting to navigate the legal labyrinth of NSW criminal law – following the shockingly violent death of their daughter 19-year-old Kim Louise Meredith.

Seven years later, a man who had been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, Graham Edward Mailes, was found responsible for Kim’s death and sentenced to a ‘limiting term of 25 years under the care of the Mental Health Review Tribunal’. Kim and Mailes had been unknown to each other.

Bob Meredith says that the reaction around Australia to Kim’s random murder was a shock at the random brutality of the act.

“A week after her murder, 2500 citizens of Albury-Wodonga gathered in QEII Square in Albury to protest the act of violence Mailes had perpetrated,” he said.

“We, the Meredith family with our son Graeme, had to wait seven years to see ‘justice’ done and we had to deal with the ‘value judgments’ of courts and the NSW legal system.

“In writing this book, we have sought to demonstrate that the state justice system needs reform. It needs reform in its procedures and also in its treatment of perpetrators of unspeakable crimes.”

Members of the public are invited to the official launch of ‘Killing Kim’ and entry is free.

Perth: The North Beach Rugby League Club, 6pm Thursday 12 December.

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